About PB&co

paleta w pioniePots, Brushes&co was created out  of curiosity of my friends and friends of my friends. To be clear, I have been asked more than oft about what I paint, which style and where people can see it. That’s why I made up my mind and decide to have my own website. At the time when I was still asking myself how it should look like, I have been asked when I will go public with my recipes and “all around kitchen” subjects, and this is how PB&co become a name and “face”. Painting and cooking are my huge passions which I will share here with you.And as far as I can tell you how to cook something for dinner I’m not sure if I’m able to tell you how to paint a picture – accept “take the canvas, paints, brushes and go with the flow”. But what I can and want to show you is my work as an artist in the atelier and in the kitchen. So stick around and enjoy what you see! Feel free to comment and to contact me, Dagny.